Instructions for use and safety


  • Pureva –abrasive supplies must be stored into dry, moistureproof storage
  • Before using Pureva –abrives supplies they must be ocularly checked in case there are any cracks or other damages
  • O not use abrasive supplies which are damaged or fallen on the gound
  • Pay special attention to packages which have been damaged during transportation
  • Do not use Pureva abrasive supplies affected by moiture or high temperature
  • Do not exceed the maximum r.p.m. stated
  • Make sure that the attachment parts are not dirty or craggy
  • Do not adjust the attachent flange too tight
  • Only use abrasive machines equipped with proper safety shied
  • Do not use Pureva cutting wheels for grinding
  • nstall only one Pureva abrasive supply at the time into axle arm
  • The production date of Pureva absive supply has been stamped into products, eg. 13101502; year 2013, month 10, date 15, serial number of the lot 02. Do not use Pureva abrasive supplies which are over three years old
  • When refilling the storage of Pureva abrasive supplies make sure that the products will be used chronologically
  • Always inform the manufacturer about invalid products
  • Do not install a used product into a machine which is for smaller wheels
  • Check the r.p.m. rates regaularly, especially with pneumatic machinery


When using abrasive supplies please pay attention to safety rules for your own as well as your collaborators´sake. Be sure to minimize the possibility of fire, and make sure that your Fire Work Licence is valid. Be aware of the location of water taps as well as the fire extinguishers.

  • Use a safety mask
  • Use earphones
  • Use safety glasses
  • Use heatproof and sparkproof gloves
  • Use sparkproof overall
  • Protect your hair
  • Use safety foorwear suitable for fire work