An archipelagic pine fighting against winds and storms reflects brilliantly Pureva as a company. Just like the pine has Pureva been forced to face a fight of its existence and settle into challenges of the constantly changing world. However, the roots have been planted deeply enough into the rocky ground , and the ways and means to survive in the middle of natures forces as well toughening competition have always been found.

Today, both the pine and Pureva are stronger than ever before. Staying alive is based on humility; boastfulness has never played any role neither the pine’s nor Pureva’s everyday life in the archipelago of Kustavi. Pureva has been producing abrasive wheels in Kustavi since year 1972. The original name, Kustavin Laikka, was changed into Pureva according to the production brand. Nowadays our own production includes cutting, grinding and flap discs. In addition to that we import DoALL band saw blades and VSM ceramic belts and abrasive discs. We also provide additional abrasive supplies in co-operation with our business associates. During the past decades there have been changes regarding our product range as well as our clients. We have been concentrating more to industrial and construction works. We also develop increasingly specified and specialized products according to our client’s wishes and needs. Being small enough allows us to be flexible: we listen to the client thoroughly, and aim at acting as quickly as possible.

Our enterprise resource planning is based on ISO 9001 and European standards 12413 and 13473, well trained and experienced personnel and modern, convenient machinery and equipment. Our factory’s location in the most beautiful area in Finland, Kustavi, obliges us to pay a lot of attention into to environmental matters; and we are proud to feel that we have succeeded in this.

Our aim is at building a successful framework for the future – together with our actual and future clients and other partners. Just like the pine keeps on surviving and growing, Pureva is also ready to continue doing the same.

Company introduction