Abrasive wheels

Best profitability in material removal

Pureva Ltd helps it´s customers to achieve the best profitability in material removal by supplying tools with high productivity in ordered time and amounts.

High quality, especially productivity, is the result of long time experience and continuous co-operation with technical universities and research instutes. The manufacturing process is based on quality management system ISO9001, knowledge of the experienced personnel and modern manufacturing technology.

The ethics of Pureva is simply honesty and perseverance.

New VSM Actirox fibre disc

The most interesting novelty of this autumn is VSM Actirox fibre disc. Test results of Pureva and VSM show that the markets have a new winner. You must try VSM Actirox yourself!

Pureva and TMT intensify their long-term cooperation

Pureva and TMT intensify their long-term cooperation starting 1.6. TMT starts operating as a direct distributor of Pureva’s products. TMT will continue operating as an independent company. Pureva products sold by TMT are invoiced by Pureva. In the future, we will be able to offer our customers even more efficient and high-quality product and distribution chain in the grinding sector. We eliminate duplicate storage and product range. Together we are stronger.

XR4 Cutting discs

Pureva’s XR4 is a new serie of cutting discs. Is is the result of a long term development. Discs cut softly and still maintain their resistance qualities. XR4 cutting discs are usable for all types of steel.