Pureva - focus on productivity

Pureva - focus on productivity

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Summertime orders

Our production is on holiday 12.7. – 6.8.2021.We hope to receive the summertime orders by 24th of June, so that...
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New XR4 cutting discs

Pureva brings new XR4 cutting discs to the markets. First launch is 125x1,0 mm XR4 High Power cutting disc. This product is developed for high power (over 1300 w) grinding machines.
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COVID-19 and Pureva’s operations

Our operations will continue for now following precisely government’s instructions and recommendations. We pay special attention to hygiene and we use face masks while visiting customers.
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Best profitability in material removal

Pureva Ltd helps it´s customers to achieve the best profitability in material removal by supplying tools with high productivity in ordered time and amounts.

High quality, especially productivity, is the result of long time experience and continuous co-operation with technical universities and research instutes. The manufacturing process is based on quality management system ISO9001, knowledge of the experienced personnel and modern manufacturing technology.

The ethics of Pureva is simply honesty and perseverance.